Announcements from PDXLAN sponsors, or announcements of PDXLAN sponsorships.

Commercial Business Furniture to sponsor PDXLAN!

Commercial Business Furniture will be returning to PDXLAN this Fall, providing options and insights for your Home Office, Gaming Station, or how to make them one and the same. With a veritey of seating options to test sit/be fitted to by Ergonomic Pros with over 25 years of combined experience, their seating & desking solutions, along with commercial grade products can meet your needs for years to come.

Sawyer and Katy Mizer will be staffing the booth again this year, along with a guest Representative(and LAN Attendee) from Element Ergo on Friday to speak more on the custom Desk Stations they designed specifically for PDXLAN. CBFs booth will also play host to the 2022 Rex Trademark Chair, donated to the Charity Raffle by RFM Seating, so drop by to test drive at the booth before you take it home Sunday! The CBF Booth will be open from 11am-5pm Friday 11/11 and from 9am-5pm Saturday 11/12.





Attendee Choice Tournament! Sponsored by Old Trapper!

PDXLAN would like to announce that Old Trapper Smoked Products is sponsoring two Community Choice Tournaments this Fall LAN! These two tournaments are scheduled for Thursday evening & Friday evening. ~ Please vote in the discord server by reacting 1-8 on which games you would want to participate in. (Max of two votes per person please)

Available games to vote on:
1) Overwatch 2 (5v5, 16 Team max, Single Elim)
2) Valorant (5v5, 16 Team max, Single Elim)
3) Halo Infinite / Halo CE / Halo 2 / Halo 3
4) Apex Legends – Private Lobby (Squad Battle Royale, 100 Player limit, First team to win twice)
5) PUBG – Private Lobby (Squad Battle Royale, 100 Player limit, First team to win twice)
6) Splitgate (4v4, 16 Team max, Single Elim)
7) Sea of Thieves (Unlimited # of Teams, Collect the most gold in a 3 hour time window)
8) CS:GO (5v5, 16 Team max, Single Elim)

Voting is now open in the #attendee-choice  Fall 2022 Discord  category! 







Intel to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2022!

 PDXLAN is excited to announce that Intel will be sponsoring the Fall 2022 event. 

Two very new and exciting things will be at PDXLAN from Intel. The just released 13th gen processors, and the all new ARC 750 and ARC 770. 

Intel will be proving 15 processors, four ARC GPU’s, and some really really cool special ARC lighted mouse mats. We will be displaying the new ARC GPU’s near Vector’s station – these GPU’s are equivelent in speed to a 3060 Ti / 3070. 

Lastly, Intel is providing the PDXLAN Staff with two NUC Laptops for the Help desk and Picture taking stations. These are super thin, light, come by and check it out!

Over the past 19.5 years, Intel has been a part of every PDXLAN – which in our opinion shows just how committed they are to the PDXLAN community. Thank you Intel for the amazing prizes! 
























Viper Gaming to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2022!

 PDXLAN is excited to announce that Viper Gaming will be sponsoring the PDXLAN Fall 2022 event!

This fall, 750 gamers will descend on a fairgrounds just north of Portland Oregon to play PC games, Tournaments, and fun contests. Viper Gaming will be joining gamers on site with a booth showing off all that Viper Gaming has to offer! 

Viper Gaming also is bringing a pallet of prizes for PDXLAN attendees as they raise money for charity and play in contests and tournaments. Blazing fast PCI-E drives, super-fast DDR5, mechanical keyboards, mice, and headsets are just part of what Viper Gaming is bringing to PDXLAN.

When founder Matt “Vector” Conwell was asked about the importance of prizes at PDXLAN, he replied “The prizes at PDXLAN are some of the best in the industry – and we don’t just give them out for tournaments – we also believe in distributing them in a way where all of the gamers have a chance at winning cool hardware from sponsors like Viper Gaming. It’s just one way that makes PDXLAN unique – that its for the casual  pc-gamer.” 

“Viper Gaming has been part of PDXLAN for nearly 20 years – and in my opinion it shows their genuine love for the community” 

Massive thanks to Viper Gaming for the sponsorship!


















ZOTAC to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2022!


ZOTAC is sponsoring PDXLAN with five NVIDIA GeForce GPU’s, backpacks, mechanical keyboard caps, amazing gamer jackets, and other swag! These jackets will be very popular! Look for these prizes in contests and the main raffle.

 Thank you ZOTAC!




Vertagear to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2022!

PDXLAN would like to announce that Vertagear has sponsored the PDXLAN Fall 2022 event! Vertagear will be sending two amazing gaming chairs for the charity raffle. Each of these chairs will be black and breast cancer pink!

Thank you Vertagear!







EVGA to Sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2022!

PDXLAN would like to welcome EVGA as a Fall 2022 Sponsor! EVGA has sent 200 Duke Nukem Collector Edition Hardbound Strategy guides, Keyboards, Mice, Power Supplies, and streaming hardware!

Thank you EVGA!




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