Announcements from PDXLAN sponsors, or announcements of PDXLAN sponsorships.

EVGA sponsors PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that EVGA will be sponsoring PDXLAN! EVGA is sending numerous power supplies, Keyboards, Mice, and streaming gear as prizes for contests and raffle. Huge thanks to EVGA! 















EKWB to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is happy to announce that EKWB will be sponsoring PDXLAN again! EKWB is one of the companies that sponsor the PDXLAN Case Mod Contest, and numerous raffle prizes. This year there may be something even more special… wait and see… 














COMCAST powers PDXLAN’s Internet connection!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that COMCAST will be providing a 10 gigabit connection for PDXLAN to use during the event! Comcast is one of our most important sponsors, as what they provide literally makes PDXLAN possible. A huge thanks to the folks over at Comcast that made this possible!













ELEMENT TD2 to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is happy to announce that we will have some Element TD2 game codes for attendees! In addition, the games creator, Evan, will be on site gaming with you as well as host a meetup about making games and publishing them on Steam. He’ll also talk about his NEW GAME that is currently in Alpha! 
















Antlion Audio to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2023!

PDXLAN is happy to announce that Antlion Audio will be sponsoring PDXLAN Fall 2023. During the event, if you have any audio issues with your headset or microphone, they’ll help you resolve it, even if it’s not their product! Antlion will also have a booth with some product for sale!  Thanks Antlion Audio! 















New sponsor: AverMedia!!

Exciting news! AverMedia will be sponsoring PDXLAN! If you are a streamer, or you are interested in streaming, check out AverMedia! AverMedia will have a booth at PDXLAN Fall 2023!

Thanks Avermedia!











PNY to sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN would like to welcome back PNY as a sponsor of PDXLAN at the Spring 2023 event! PNY is sending the following prizes!

  • 1x : XLR8 Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti
  • 2x : XLR8 Gaming  Memory kits  
  • 1x : XLR8 Gaming 1TB SSD

Thanks for the sponsorship PNY!




EK to sponsor PDXLAN!

EK will be back at PDXLAN this Fall sponsoring TONS of amazing water-cooling products for the raffle and Case Mod Contest. EK Kat will be joining us for the event – make sure to find her and say Thank you!






NOVEL Keys to Sponsor PDXLAN!

NovelKeys makes amazing mechanical keyboards, keycaps, deskpads, and switches.  If you’re looking for a custom mechanical keyboard or need supplies or parts to update your board, head to and check it out! 

Novel Keys is sponsoring PDXLAN with tons of Star Wars Droid sets, droid desk mats and more! Be sure to check out some of their stuff at the keyboard meetup on Friday at 3PM!

Huge thank you to Novel Keys! 








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