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Viper Gaming to sponsor PDXLAN Fall 2021!

PDXLAN is proud to announce that Viper Gaming will be sponsoring PDXLAN’s 1,000 person LAN Party this fall.

Viper Gaming is supporting PDXLAN with over $2,000 in prizes, including Keyboards, mice, and gaming headsets! Look for Viper Gaming prizes as part of our Fall Guys Contest & Raffles!

A huge thank you to Viper Gaming for sending us some epic loot!


PDXLAN Buying Guide now LIVE!

PDXLAN is happy to announce that it’s PC-Parts Buying Guide is now active on our new website!

Using the PDXLAN Buying Guide attendees and fans of PDXLAN can check the buying guide when looking for new items to buy for their computer. Looking for a new headset? The buying guide will tell you which of PDXLAN sponsors makes headsets. Want to buy a new computer case? The buying guide will tell you which of PDXLAN sponsors makes cases.

We’ve built in a shortcut “pdxlan.net/guide” so you can check it easily using your mobile device on the go.

So go ahead, let’s show PDXLAN sponsors that we appreciate their sponsorship. It’s never been so easy!

Comcast to Sponsor PDXLAN Internet

PDXLAN would like to welcome Comcast as the official sponsor of the PDXAN Internet connection. Comcast will be providing PDXLAN with a 10gb dedicated business fiber line for the event.

Thank you to Comcast for this amazing Sponsorship. In a day were almost everything is online, it’s great to have such reliable Internet Service.

Easter Egg. Because why not.