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PDXLAN Case Mod Contest details are up!

At the heart of PDXLAN rests the Case Mod Contest. This is a contest that has been done at each PDXLAN over the past 19 years.

Over the years we have seen some truly amazing mods from the PDXLAN attendees. This PDXLAN, the Case Mod Contest is back!

This event we wanted to give more visibility into what the judges like to see, and maybe what they don’t like to see. We’ve added a judge’s profile section in the contest details document so you can get a better idea of their tastes.

This event NVIDIA’s GeForce Garage is teaming up with EK to host one of the greatest mod contests on planet earth.

Check out the details on the event page here.



MechanicalKeyboards.com is sponsoring PDXLAN Spring 2022!

PDXLAN is excited to announce a NEW SPONSOR, MechcanicalKeyboards.com!  

MechanicalKeyboards.com is your one-stop shop for the absolutely best mechanical keyboards and key caps. The website even has a Keyboard Guide to finding the best keyboard that fits your needs!  Brands include MK, Ducky Keyboards, Leopold Keyboards, Meko Keyboards and many, many more.

MechanicalKeyboards.com had this to say: “Mechanicalkeyboards.com is proud to sponsor PDXLAN’s spring 2022 event raffle! Enter the raffle for chance to win and walk away with a keyboard from mechanicalkeyboards.com”

Please check them out at mechanicalkeyboards.com!


NVIDIA to sponsor PDXLAN! The longest running sponsor!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that NVIDIA will be sponsoring and attending PDXLAN this Spring! 

NVIDIA will be donating GPU’s specifically for the chartity raffle, and helping sponsor EK with the Case Mod contest for GeForce Garage!

Huge thanks to NVIDIA for continuing to sponsor our event! 

NEW SPONSOR! G.Skill to sponsor PDXLAN Spring 2022!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that G.Skill will be sending some of their amazing DDR4 to PDXLAN to give away as prizes to PDXLAN Spring 2022 attendees! 

If you haven’t seen G.skill RAM before, click on this story and check out the awesomeness that is G.Skill Trident RAM. This is also the RAM of choice for Vector. He’s a sucker for RGB.

Thanks G.skill!! 

ENERMAX to sponsor PDXLAN Spring 2022!

PDXLAN is proud to announce that Enermax will be sponsoring the Spring 2022 PDXLAN! 

Enermax will be sending a PALLET of prizes for attendees at the event. Look for Enermax prizes in contests and raffles!

Thanks Enermax!! 

XPG to sponsor PDXLAN with over $4,000 in prizes!

PDXLAN would like to welcome ADATA / XPG as a Gold Sponsor of the Spring 2022 event. 

XPG will be providing the DDR5 for the grand prize charity build, as well as the TWO TERRABYTE Gen4 NVMe!

Look for additional XPG prizes in Contests and Raffles! 

Thank you XPG! You rock!  

Monster to Sponsor PDXLAN!

PDXLAN is excited to announce that Monster Energy will be dropping off 2-3 pallets of FREE Monster to help attendees power through the weekend.

Due to COVID-19, distribution will be a little different this year, and at times Monster will be giving out drinks at their booth. Remember that you can drink Monster in the event, and lift your mask for a drink, but then lower your mask again.

Thanks to Monster, PDXLAN attendees will enjoy over 5,000 cans of Monster, all absolutely free!

Thanks for the support, Monster!

Easter Egg. Because why not.